Never Again

Linda is a rapper and a woman, who after getting brutally assaulted by her boyfriend, decided to leave the drug scene and started to pursue her dreams and build a new life.

Linda, a sixteen-year-old girl, gets brutally assaulted by her boyfriend. In the face of death, she decides to change her life. Linda quits doing subutex and starts to work on her dreams. Two years after the assault, Linda is a gangsta rapper Mercedes Bentso who speaks out for the supressed women of her community. But escaping opression, she steps from one macho culture to another. In a scene full on men rapping about bitches sucking their dicks, Linda is just a pussy with a mic. Linda starts to record her first album produced by her idol, rapper Steen1, who battles with substance abuse. When he crashes the whole album comes to a halt. Then Linda falls in love. Janne is a forty-year-old father of one daugher. He was convicted in life sentence for murder thirteen years ago and waits for being released. They share similar backgrounds: both were outcast children. Linda finds a new producer from Sweden and things start to work out. After a series of absurdities her record is finally released. Now only the thing she waits for is Janne to be released. But when his application is rejected, Linda needs to find a way coping with her loss. Luckily Linda’s mother is there for her, and so is her music.

Content rating: Over 12 years

A documentary film. Duration 68 minutes. Premiere 9/2018.

Script, directing Aino Suni Cinematography Mikko Parttimaa, Aino Suni Editing Jussi Sandhu Sound Tuomas Onttonen Production Elli Toivoniemi / Tuffi Films


Never Again Film Screenings
Fri 28.9. Elokuvateatteri Andorra, Helsinki
Sat 13.10. Kontula Urban Film Festival, Helsinki
Sat 20.10. Wäinö, Oulu
Mon 29.10. Riviera, Helsinki
Thur 8.11. Vimma, Turku
Thur 15.11. Rock Film Festival Rokumentti, Joensuu
Sat 24.11. Arthouse Cinema Niagara, Tampere