The Move

“I think matter is memory. We’re all made of memory.”

Mirkka Rekola, 82, is a poet who has been living in a small attic room for 50 years. Now she has to move, because it has become too hard to climb up the stairs. Moving preparations remind of the time she first moved in. Before leaving, she also has to farewell all the things she has been surrounded by, like the seashore, the trees and the birds.

A short documentary. Duration 19 minutes. Premiere 2/2016.

Director, screenwriter Maija Hirvonen Cinematography Maria Mononen Editor Maija Hirvonen, Tuuli Alanärä Sound designer Helsingin Elokuvaäänitys Oy Production Elli Toivoniemi / Tuffi Films


Atlanta International Film Festival, 2017
Tampere Film Festival, 2017
Artova Film Festival, 2016
Vinokino, 2016