The Committee

The challenge of finding common ground

The Committee deals with the absurdity of democratic decision-making processes. It makes a humorous portrait of an international collaboration. A comedy investigates the nature of compromises, and mirrors political processes that often have great ambitions, but end up little to show.

A short film. Duration 14 minutes. Premiere 8/2016.

Script Jenni Toivoniemi and Gunhild Enger Directing Jenni Toivoniemi and Gunhild Enger Cinematography Jarmo Kiuru and Annika Summerson Sound design Tuomas Klaavo Producers Marie Kjellson / Kjellson & Wik, Elli Toivoniemi /Tuffi Films and Isak Eymundsson / Ape og Bjørn

Cast Cecilia Milocco, Kristin Groven Holmboe, Tapio Liinoja, Martin Slaatto, Teemu Aromaa, Leo Sigelius and Ole Thomas Baal

International sales: Kurzfilm Agentur, Stine Wangler,

Contact for festival submissions: Svenska Film Institutet, Theo Tsappos


Locarno Film Festival - Pardi di domani, 2016
The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund, 2016
Helsinki International Film Festival - Love and Anarchy, 2016
Chicago International Film Festival
Leuven International Short Film Festival
London Short Film Festival
Tromsø International Film Festival
Göteborg Film Festival
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival


Best Shortfílm, Bergen International Film Festival