Without movement there is no time

A small boy is waiting for his major heart surgery. His time has not yet begun. In the mountains an old man is opening his shop. Shelves are filled with spare parts, he has a rare collection of them. Watchmakers want to fix movement, they want to see the gears go round. The boy gets his heart fixed and he gets a new pace. Watches get replaced with working mechanisms that will tick for some time. One can easily get fascinated by movement, because without movement there is no time.

A short documentary. Duration 16 minutes. Premiere 11/2015.

Direction, script, cinematography Anna Antsalo Sound design, music Tuomas Skopa Edit Okku Nuutilainen Producer Ariyuki Suzuki, Elli Toivoniemi


Helsinki Short Film Festival, 2015
Cairo International Women's Film Festival, 2016
Indie Lisboa, 2016
Dokuma Film Festival, 2016
Documentarist - Istanbul Documentary Days, 2016
Helsinki International Film Festival - Love and Anarchy, 2016


Best documentary film, Helsinki Short Film Festival, 2015