If I Ruled

Stories about the hopes of young girls

"If I Ruled" is a community short film combining documentary and fiction. The film was made in collaboration with young people and professional filmmakers. Six teenage girls are given a possibility to make their wish happen through the means of fictional filmmaking. The girls reveal a hardship they are experiencing and then get to stage a scene, where the problem is being solved. Through the experience the girls understand something about their own strength. Every girl's wish comes from a unique place, but resonates universally.

"What should happen in your life, so that you would feel happy? If people accepted me the way I am. If my bullies understood how I feel. If my parents held me in their arms."

A short documentary. Duration 9 minutes. Premiere 11/2015.

Directors Jenni Kangasniemi and Aino Suni Production Jenni Kangasniemi, Elli Toivoniemi, Aino Suni / Tuffi Films Script Jenni Kangasniemi, Aino Suni, Miia Kuittinen, Nisha Nadeem Masih, Darya Movahed, Shital Niemi, Iona Nurminen, Melisa Nyman, Daria Vangonen Cast Miia Kuittinen, Nisha Nadeen Masih, Daria Movahed, Iona Nurminen, Melisa Nyman, Daria Vangonen, Zahra Sardari Zadeh ja Rasoul Dehghan Cinematography Kerttu Hakkarainen Editing Anniina Kauttonen Sound recording and sound design Rauno Mynttinen

The script has been written as a part of a workshop and is based on issues the girls wanted to discuss. The film is funded by the City of Vantaa and the Myrsky project, that aims at strengthening young people’s social participation through art-making.


Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival, 2015
A LIKE for Documentary Section


The "Look at me..." Award of the Church Media Foundation at Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival 2015