Force of Habit Anthology Series

Now you see it

Force of Habit Anthology Series is a film sensation created collectively by fifteen filmmakers, artists, researchers and social influencers. It is a collection of 11 episodes, a feature film titled Force of Habit and a campaign linked to them, that reveal the hidden way power is exercised on women in both private life and in society. The short films are fiction but the scripts are derived from the writers’ own observations from real life. The films depict everyday moments that we have learnt to see as normal but that prove to be absurd under closer examination.

A Stop
No Big Deal
Play Rape
Girl Thing
Festive Spirit
It’s All Right
Dream Job
Let Her Speak

Duration 11 x 7-19 minutes.

Anthology series. Premiere 9/2019.

Written and Directed by Reetta Aalto, Maryan Abdulkarim, Tine Alavi, Alli Haapasalo, Ulla Heikkilä, Sonya Lindfors, Inari Niemi, Raisa Omaheimo, Anna Paavilainen, Kirsikka Saari, Aino Suni, Saara Särmä, Miia Tervo, Elli Toivoniemi, Jenni Toivoniemi Produced by Elli Toivoniemi, Sanna Kultanen / Tuffi Films Co-production Farima Karimi & Siri Hjorton Wagner, [sic] film

International sales Totem Films

The project has received funding from the MEDIA programme of Creative Europe.


Febiofest, Pargue, 2020

It's all Right: Tampere Film Festival, national competition, 2020

Play Rape: Tampere Film Festival, International competition, 2020

Helsinki International Film Festival 2019

Nordic Film Festival Arktisen upeeta, 2019

Kettupäivät, 2019

Pitched at: Nordic Film Market, Discovery, 2018 Nordic co-production and finance market, Haugesund, 2018


Best Project Award, Nordic co-production and finance market, Haugesund, 2018

Best Pitch Award, Finnish Film Affair 2018