Cat Trap

Saving the world cat by cat.

Hannele (67) has worked for years as a voluntary pet detective. People who have lost their cat can turn to her and she will find a way to get them back. Hannele’s well-trained eye spots suffering and animals in places where nobody else seems to notice anything. Her instinct leads her into the strangest situations she would never normally get into. How do you run a life when cats keep turning up, even though you specifically try not to find them?

A short documentary. Duration 36 minutes. Premiere 1/2013. Content rating: Over 12 years.

Script, directing Maija Hirvonen Cinematography Juice Huhtala, Mari-Kaisu Mononen Editing Okku Nuutilainen Sound design Tuomas Klaavo Music Kirka Sainio Producer Elli Toivoniemi and Jenni Toivoniemi / Tuffi Films & ELO Film School Helsinki

Cat Trap participated in the Engage workshop 2010.


Nordisk Panorama (New Nordic Voices)
Nordox Nordic Documentary Film Festival,


Cat Trap received the State quality support for film productions 2013