Walk the Tideline receives two nominations at the national film awards

Tuffi Films’ documentary Walk the Tideline receives nominations for Best Documentary and Best Music at the Jussi awards.

The documentary film Walk the Tideline is directed by Anna Antsalo and produced by Venla Helstedt and Juha Löppönen. The music is composed by Tapani Rinne.

Jussi Awards are Finland’s biggest annual recognition in the film industry. There are 16 categories for the Awards altogether. The 2022 award gala will be held in 6th of May.

Walk the Tideline follows three beachcombers walking along the shoreline in search of discarded treasures. Rob, who lives in Cornwall, cannot leave anything on the beach if he has touched it. Rob sees himself as a citizen scientist and has become passionate about cleaning beaches, collecting objects in a sea container. Yolanda, a Dutch archeologist, studies erosion of objects in order to understand what effect time has on them. Our life, filled with bits and pieces, forms a visible archeological layer on Earth. Shige, a Japanese art teacher, is afraid of the ocean. He believes that the tideline is the border between life and death.

Tuffi congratulates all nominees!