Tuffi Films has created an equality plan and challenges others to do the same

Tuffi Films aims at reflecting the diversity of the Finnish and the wider society both in front and behind the camera and is committed to advancing better working methods in the film industry.

In the light of the recent public discussion, we have realised that we need to write these aims down and commit to them publicly. This is why we have created an action plan for equality, which will be delivered to everybody working with us or for us and to all our business partners.

We encourage everyone who works with us currently, or has worked for us in the past, to suggest additions or corrections to the plan, to ensure the well being of all parties.

We recognize, that in order to reach equality, Tuffi Films needs to engage in an on-going and sometimes critical re-evaluation of our own practices. We hope that other production houses and financiers will also take the steps needed to conquer inequality in our industry.


• Tuffi Films commits to creating an equal and respectful culture at the workplace. Everyone has the right to work in safety and peace. People in powerful positions are expected to behave with the utmost responsibility. • We aim at creating productions that project the diversity of our society both in front of and behind the camera.

• Tuffi Films publishes open posts, so that a wide variety of candidates have the possibility to apply for them.

• If two candidates are equal, we will favor the gender that is underrepresented in the position in question.

• Tuffi Films commits to the instructions made by Finnish film and TV organizations to prevent sexual harassment (02/2018). These instructions will be delivered to each employee. The Tuffi Films management will go through the shared rules in every production. Each production has an appointed person to inform about possible violations of these common rules. He/she writes down every case and brings it to the management. The management will deal with the issue according to the before mentioned instructions and take the necessary steps. The consequences can be, depending on the case, warning after a discussion, ending the employment contract and/or taking the case to the public authorities. This includes all forms of harassment, inappropriate behaviour and misuse of authority.

• We recognise that in filmmaking there are situations and assignments that need special protection. Art can never be an excuse for sexual or other types of harassment. For example acting is physical and intimate work and therefore requires extra protection from the employer.

• We also want to make sure that especially the employees and interns in the beginning of their careers as well as people coming from outside the industry will receive enough information about their rights and that their work assignments are appropriate. Employees just entering the industry do not necessarily know common practices or belong to the unions, so they will be especially supervised when needed.

• We commit to further educate ourselves in how to prevent harassment and discrimination.

• This plan will be continually updated and revised.