Seven directors’ anthology film ‘Force of Habit’ offers a fresh viewpoint with absurd humor

Tuffi Films’ next theatrical release is an anthology film FORCE OF HABIT, which premiers nationwide on September 27. A film by seven directors shows us moments in women’s lives that usually remain hidden.

For producer-writer Elli Toivoniemi and director-writer Kirsikka Saari Force of Habit is one the most important projects of their careers. The other five director-writers of the film are Finnish cinema’s notable names Anna Paavilainen, Alli Haapasalo, Reetta Aalto, Jenni Toivoniemi and Miia Tervo.

Force of Habit cast includes dozens of Finnish actors from long line professionals such as Krista Kosonen, Eero Ritala and Johannes Holopainen to ones making their debut on the big screen, like a YouTube star Pinja Sanaksenaho.

Force of Habit follows the lives of various women throughout one day. Hilla is having a romantic vacation, Emmi is throwing a house party, and Milja is on her way to school when they’re approached by a stranger and things take an unexpected turn. At the same time, Emppu, a young actress, is conflicted as she rehearses for the biggest role of her life. Elsewhere, Aleksi, an inexperienced prosecutor, is preparing for his first court case in haste; Niina, the victim of the crime, has been waiting years to see her case tried. Miia throws a company party, and the mood dramatically changes when her colleague Katja opens up about their boss coming on to her. Miia and a couple of her closest colleagues try to resolve the situation, but how do the others react?

The stories are based on real-life experiences and observations of the director-writers. The film dives into the core of realism and heavy subjects, but does so with wit and pungent humor. Force of Habit will show you your everyday life in a new light, seen from a fresh viewpoint. The absurd humor of the film will make you laugh and cry: is it really possible that these things happen all around us?

The main themes of the film are power and all of us different people — men and women, youth and adults. We have made a habit of seeing some things as normal that after further exploration turn out to be absurd. However, we can only change the things that we see.

There are seven director-writers behind the film: Kirsikka Saari, Elli Toivoniemi, Anna Paavilainen, Alli Haapasalo, Reetta Aalto, Jenni Toivoniemi and Miia Tervo. Jussi Award winner and Academy Award nominee Kirsikka Saari (i.a. Stupid Young Heart, 2018, and Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?, 2012) wrote the script for the feature film based on the short films. Saari and award-winning producer, Jussi Award nominee Elli Toivoniemi are behind the direction for the feature film in collaboration with the short film directors Haapasalo, Paavilainen, Aalto, J. Toivoniemi and Tervo. The producer behind the anthology film is Tuffi Films’ Elli Toivoniemi (i.a. Stupid Young Heart, 2018, Korso, 2014, Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?, 2012).