Here Be Monsters documentary teams up with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association for impact work

Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry), a Finnish environmental organisation for boaters and all those travelling in and around Finnish waterways, has joined Tuffi Films in their impact work surrounding their upcoming documentary feature film Here Be Monsters.

The collaboration was announced today 30th of September at the DocPoint IMPACT day in Oodi, Helsinki Central Library. Here Be Monster will premier in 2021, which marks the start of the collaboration.

Here Be Monsters showcases the archeological layer of rubbish buried in beaches and what this tells the next generations of the time of excess plastic. The film follows beachcombers, who walk along the beaches looking for valuable or interesting items. It examines people’s relation to nature and what we leave behind us.

With this collaboration Tuffi and Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association want to highlight the prevalent problem of plastic waste in the Baltic Sea and Finland’s lakes. The collaboration also encourages people to join PSS ry’s Clean Beach clean up program. The Clean Beach program has been in action already for seven years and its aim is to raise the amount of collected trash from the beaches but also the amount of clean beaches in Finland.

Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association is excited about the impact collaboration, because working with the documentary film and Tuffi Films opens them possibilities to reach new target groups and operators. Approaching the problem from new angles helps us to understand the reasons for littering and its implications, but also it allows the rise of new solutions for the problem.

Here Be Monsters is a film about human clutter. Oceans remain the final frontier, the great unknown territory. Beachcombers have always been the gatekeepers to information that oceans deliver.

Director Anna Antsalo Editing Okku Nuutilainen Sound design Tuomas Skopa Impact Producer Sini Hormio Production Venla Hellstedt, Juha Löppönen

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Sini Hormio
Impact Producer, Tuffi Films Oy

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