‘Best Nordic Feature’ to Force of Habit at NIFF 2020, New York

Tuffi’s thought-provoking feature film Force of Habit (orig. Tottumiskysymys) was awarded ‘Best Nordic Feature’ at the 5th Annual Nordic International Film Festival in New York.

Force of Habit follows the lives of various women questioning the existing power structures and exploring gender discrimination. It is an extraordinary act of seven filmmakers who wanted to shed light on those moments in every woman’s life that usually remain hidden.

Force of Habit is written and directed by Kirsikka Saari, Elli Toivoniemi, Anna Paavilainen, Alli Haapasalo, Reetta Aalto, Jenni Toivoniemi and Miia Tervo. The film and the Force of Habit anthology series are part of an impact campaign which provides insights and observations of gendered power dynamics and offers tools for processing and verbalising these as well as aims to define a new normal.

Nordic International Film Festival is the largest nordic film festival outside of Europe, held annually in New York.

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