A story about the quest for a good life, from the viewpoint of a Thai bride in a small Finnish town.

A lively urban Thai woman, and a quiet Finnish countryman meet at Pattaya and decide to get married. Soon they start a life together in a small Finnish village. Despite the good intentions, the everyday life in a remote and prejudiced village puts both of them to test. With the help of some dark humour, the film draws a picture of the demands for a woman to be accepted by the rural society, whether Thai or Finnish.

A feature film. Duration 90 minutes.

Script Jenni Toivoniemi, featuring Kirsikka Saari Directing Selma Vilhunen Production Elli Toivoniemi, Venla Hellstedt / Tuffi Films Production phase In development

Elli Toivoniemi participated with Wife in the EAVE European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs Workshop in 2013, as well as in the Ties That Bind - EAVE Asia-Europe Producers Workshop in 2015. The project has received development funding from Creative Europe / Media.