Walk the Tideline

A film about human clutter. Oceans remain the final frontier, the great unknown territory. Beachcombers have always been the gatekeepers to information that oceans deliver.

A documentary film. Duration 60 minutes.

Director Anna Antsalo Director of Photography Anna Antsalo ja Susumu Miyazu Editing Okku Nuutilainen Assistant Editor Sabina Köteleki Sound Designer Tuomas Skopa Composer Tapani Rinne Sound Recorder Tuomas Onttonen, Justyna Feicht, Joona Jaakkola Graphics Anu Saari Impact Producer Sini Hormio Executive Producer Elli Toivoniemi Production Venla Hellstedt & Juha Löppönen / Tuffi Films

Duraction 60 min


Pitched at: Dok Leipzig Co-production forum 2018, Finnish Film Affair 2019