Web documentary campaign encourages young people to be themselves and to support each other

#ThisIsMe is a web documentary campaign for young people, aiming at strengthening their self-esteem.

The three short documentaries (6 min each) feature girls, who would like to try something new or show a different side of themselves, than they have dared before. The documentaries follow the girls in their pursuit to carry out their challenge with the help of a group of supporting peers. The short documentaries are light, touching and funny peeks into the girls’ lives.

What would you do if you didn’t care about what other people think? What have you wanted to do or say, but haven’t dared?

Wilma (13), the nice girl, is tired of pleasing others and wants to speak her mind to her friends.

Nita (13) who is a vlogger, is wondering how to cope with negative feedback she receives on her YouTube videos. Her best friend Sani (13) would like to stand out from the crowd, but is doing her best to blend in.

Ella (12), who is into cosplay, is tired of acting a clown and would like her schoolmates to start taking her seriously.

The documentaries follow the girls taking up their challenge. But what matters in the end is the courage to give it a try while staying true to yourself.

In addition to short documentary films on the subject, the project comprises of a social media campaign, where young people share their own advice on what has helped their self esteem and give thanks to friends who have supported them. The aim is to create a wave of positive feedback on the net, in which young people support and give advice to each other.

The films and the campaign will be launched in Finland on March 17th, 2017 on Yle Areena and in Instagram. The duration of the social media campaign is two weeks.

The project is a part of the kids@docs initiative, backed by AVEK, The Finnish Film Foundation and Yle.

A short documentary film. Duration 6 minutes. Premiere 3/2017.

Directors, screenwriters Aino Suni, Jenni Tuli Producer Sanna Kultanen Executive Producer Elli Toivoniemi Editor Jussi Sandhu Cinematographer Jonatan Sundström Sound Ville Katajala Composer Julius Valve Graphic Design Henry Lämsä Social Media Coordinator Meri Jaakola Financed by AVEK and AVEK Digidemo, Yle, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Church Media Foundation

Instagram @thisismestoorit Films at areena.yle.fi


Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy Finland 09/2017, Oulu International Children's Film Festival Finland 10/2017 (Nita&Sani), DOKKINO tour 2018 of the DocPoint Documentary Film Festival Finland (Ella), Festival Premiers Plans Angers 01/2018 France (Nita&Sani), Reykjavík International Children's Film Festival Iceland 04/2018