The Committee

The Committee deals with the absurdity of democratic decision-making processes. It makes a humorous portrait of an international collaboration. A comedy investigates the nature of compromises, and mirrors political processes that often have great ambitions, but end up little to show.

A short fiction The Committee is a Nordic co-production, which is produced by production companies Kjellson & Wik (SE), Tuffi Films (FIN) and Ape og Bjørn (NO).

A short film. Duration 14 minutes.

Script Jenni Toivoniemi and Gunhild Enger Directing Jenni Toivoniemi and Gunhild Enger Cinematography Jarmo Kiuru and Annika Summerson Sound design Tuomas Klaavo

Cast Cecilia Milocco, Kristin Groven Holmboe, Tapio Liinoja, Martin Slaatto, Teemu Aromaa, Leo Sigelius and Ole Thomas Baal

Producers Marie Kjellson / Kjellson & Wik, Elli Toivoniemi /Tuffi Films and Isak Eymundsson / Ape og Bjørn

PRODUCED BY KJELLSON & WIK, TUFFI FILMS and APE&BJØRN in coproduction with FILM VÄST/Ami Ekström and SVT/Helena Ingelsten and Charlotte Hellström with financial support by the SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE, Film commissioner Andreas Fock NORWEGIAN FILM INSTITUTE, Film commissioner Kari Moen Kristiansen and Advisor Ingrid Festøy Ottesen FINNISH FILM FOUNDATION, Film commissioners Joona Louhivouri and Pekka Uotila AVEK, Film commissioner Outi Rousu, YLE/Sari Volanen and NRK Commissioned by CPH:LAB, Tine Fischer and Patricia Drati.

International sales: Kurzfilm Agentur - Stine Wangler -

Contact for festival submissions: Svenska Film Institutet, Theo Tsappos →


Locarno International Film Festival (Pardi di domani),
The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund,
Love and Anarchy,
Chicago International Film Festival
Leuven International Short Film Festival
London Short Film Festival
Tromsø International Film Festival
Göteborg Film Festival
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival


Bergen International Film Festival: Best Short Film