Once I was a dragonfly

A coming of age story about a boy who doesn’t see beauty in the society out there but instead in the microscopic world of dragonflies.

Dragonfly is a film that follows a 25-year-old Miikka Friman who has grown up with dragonflies. He was inspired already at the age of six by a dragonfly that landed on his shoulder and his inspiration gradually turned into a way of living which still almost two decades later drives Miikka onto his expeditions. Miikka has been living his whole life with a camera on his hand, researching dragonflies and documenting the important milestones of his live. The film will show in parallel Miikka’s development from a young enthusiastic filmmaker into a grown man while revealing the trajectory of a dragonfly.

A documentary film. Duration 64 minutes. Premiere 11/2016.

Director, screenwriter Elli Toivoniemi Cinematography Anna Antsalo, Selma Vilhunen Editor Okku Nuutilainen Sound designer Tuomas Klaavo Comporsers Joona Jaakkola, Salla Luhtala Producers Venla Hellstedt, Elli Toivoniemi

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DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Festival Espoo Ciné Ilokuvafestivaali Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival, SINFF


DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Festival Critic's Choice award 2017
Finnish Film Affair Best Pitch Award 2015
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